Laser Hair Removal Black Skin

Laser Hair Removal Black Skin

The Hair Removal Experts specialise in laser hair removal for black skin. We offer a full range of treatments for Ladies and men from small single areas to large multiple areas.

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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Black Skin

It is of paramount importance that individuals with black skin choose the correct clinic to have their hair removed at. We have numerous clients that before they came to us had lots of treatments at clinics where the technology was not suitable wasting their time and money.

We use the best technology for laser hair removal for black skin, the Cynosure Elite Aesthetic workstation. This laser has a long pulse Nd-yag wavelength which is the leading treatment for black skin with its minimal melanin absorption it can target the hair without causing hyper and hypo pigmentation, darkening and lightening of the skin. The treatments we offer are ideal for all unwanted hair and are a solution for excessive hair growth and ingrowing hair. After hair removal it is usual to see improvement in the condition of your skin.

Laser Hair Removal Black Skin – Saving You Money

We not only want to offer our clients the best treatments but the best prices and service as well. We offer a free consultation to make sure our clients are happy confident and informed. This is an opportunity for them to ask questions, be assessed to the suitability and specifications of treatments. It is where clients can understand the process, expectations and personal requirements.

The Hair Removal Experts price list contains costs for all individual areas however if you are wanting multiple areas to be treated call us on 020 8787 5833 as we offer large discounts. To further assist our clients we offer best prices on a treatment by treatment basis, so you need not commit to a long course to get value for money.

If you would like to talk to one of our aesthetic practitioners or want to book a consultation call us on 020 8787 5833.

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Laser Hair Removal Black Skin

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