Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

The Treatments the Hair Removal Experts offer are the best laser hair removal treatments available in London. With so many different types of laser hair removal being offered it is very easy for individuals to pay lots of money for treatments that are just not effective. The most common mistake made by clients before coming to us is committing to a long course of IPL treatments, you may experience initial hair loss however typically it will return within the year.

  • The Most Effective Laser Hair Removal Treatments
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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Treatments

The laser technology we use is the award winning Cynosure Elite Aesthetic Workstation. This laser has two wavelengths, alexandrite and Nd-yag, enabling it to offer the best solution whatever your skin type. It is common to only require 4 treatments however 6-8 might be required for more stubborn hair and darker skin types.

The length of time the treatment takes depends on the areas being removed, for example five minutes for a top lip to three hours for a full body. The sensation when being lasered is minimised by use of the cryogen cooling system that blows cold air at the exact area being treated. Many clients feel no pain however their can be slight discomfort when treating denser coarser hair. It is possible to reduce discomfort by lowering the settings to make it totally pain free however this reduces effectiveness and we believe our customers prefer better results meaning less laser hair removal treatments and money saved.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments – Saving You Money

At the Hair Removal Experts all consultations and test patches are free. Our Aesthetic Practitioners will always ensure that you understand the process fully and that all your requirements are met.

We offer our best prices on a treatment by treatment basis therefore we never push our customers for an upfront payment. We are confident that once you have experienced the quality of our treatments you will definitely return for the rest of your course.

To book a consultation or to find out more information call 020 8787 5833.

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Laser Hair Removal Treatments

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