Why Choose Hair Removal Experts

Why Choose Hair Removal Experts? – London Laser Hair Removal

Our clients choose us for a number of reasons:

Our focus on customer service

A large percentage of our new business is generated by recommendations from existing clients. This is due, we believe, to how we always ensure our clients are happy, the process should not be complicated and in fact can be relaxing.

We individually price our clients specifically to their requirements

Every client is different with a unique set of requirements, so to keep things simple, with just one phone call, we give you a price tailored to your needs. No matter the combination of areas you require treating you will receive a personal quotation. There is no need to waste time searching confusing tables of prices.

We do not commit our clients to multiple treatments

To receive the best prices from the majority of clinics in London you have to commit to a course of treatments, with payment required upfront. This is not the case at the Hair Removal Experts where we offer our best prices on a treatment by treatment basis, which means, not only are your finances saved but you can sample our services before you rebook.

We only use leading laser technology ensuring the best results

The laser we use is the Cynosure Elite Aesthetic workstation. It is in our opinion the best complete system currently available for the permanent removal of hair from all skin types. A large percentage of our business comes from customer referrals indicating a high level of customer satisfaction.

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Why Choose Hair Removal Experts

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